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Patch Placement


Cubs Left Pocket Area

Cubs Right Pocket

  • Temporary insignia must be centered on the pocket. 

  • Progress Towards Ranks (with thong and beads) is fastened to button under flap of right pocket and flap buttoned. 

  • The National Summertime Award is pinned centered on the right pocket flap. 

  • The Tiger Cubs BSA strip is worn below the right pocket and above the recruiter strip.  World Conservation Award is worn as a temporary patch, centered on the right pocket.

Cub Left Sleeve Area

Cub Right Sleeve Area



Webelos Sleeve/Pocket Summary

Right Sleeve Area (Webelos Colors)

Right Sleeve Area (Patrol Emblem)

Right Sleeve Area (Patrol Emblem and Colors)


Left Pocket Area 



Right Pocket Area (Leader)

Left Sleeve Area (Leader)

Right Sleeve Area (Leader)