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Sell Popcorn Online!

posted Oct 7, 2011, 5:22 AM by Tim Rapp
Selling popcorn online is probably the EASIEST way to get sales for your scout. All online sales count towards his scout rewards. Plus, if he sells $500 online in October, your scout will get a bonus $20 Amazon gift card on top of the $20 Amazon or Walmart gift card he'd earn for this amount.

So here's how to set up your scout's online sales account:

1. Go to to sign in or create an account.

2. Go to the Send Emails page to send emails to your customers. If you did this last year, all those email addresses should still be there waiting to be used for this year's campaign. You'll be able to select from a variety of templates. If you are not sure if someone will buy popcorn for themselves, use the "Send Popcorn to the Troops" template". Even people who don't want popcorn for themselves will buy it for the troops!

3. Go to Track My Online Sales to see who has made a purchase. You'll be able to see when a purchase has been made and when it is shipped out.

It's that easy--and you can do it any time day or night. Trail's End will ship the popcorn directly to your customers. There's nothing else you have to do but earn sales for your scout. 

Please set up your scout's online account this week and make it a goal to send out emails to friends and family. 70% of what your scout sells will go to our pack to help pay for fun activities and camps.

Let John Soluri or Michael Bloom (our co-Popcorn Kernals) know if you have any questions. 

Thanks for helping to support Scouts!

Elizabeth Bloom
Committee Chair