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Everything you need to know about Popcorn Sales!

posted Sep 28, 2010, 6:08 AM by Tim Rapp   [ updated Nov 1, 2010, 2:24 AM ]
Last year, we sold nearly $15,000 in popcorn, which includes military sales. It helped us raise about $5000 for the Pack. That money helped us cut Pack dues this year. It helped us to raise money for the Council, to maintain Camp Snyder and Goshen Scout Reservation. It helped us to pay for our Blue and Gold Banquet, as well as our Pinewood Derby, Raingutter Regatta, Scout recognition, camping and food products.
In our Pack planning meeting, we estimated that we need each Scout to sell $150 in pop corn, to cover the Pack’s expenses for the year.  If a Scout won't sell $150 of pop corn, our treasurer will need to collect $50 from that family.  Also, our Pack will make a bonus 2% in commission, if each and every Scout sells at least 1 item. Please help your Scout get us there!

We have two days reserved for us at FSK Mall, in November, to sell pop corn. I will send a separate email, with the signup for those days. If a Scout is going to sell at the mall, he must be ready to sell for two hours. What’s nice about selling at the mall is that you don’t have to deliver the pop corn—we will have the product right there! I am going to attempt to find some time to sell at a Middletown store, too.

Canola oil is used, instead of palm oil (healthier alternative for the consumer and the environment)
No more tins—most products are in resealable bags and gift boxes.
15-pack microwave popcorn is now 18-pack microwave popcorn.
Trail mix is only available on line.
Chocolatey Triple Delight is only available as a part of a gift box.
Chocolately Caramel Crunch is back.
Online sales count toward your Scout’s total sales volume, which counts toward his prize level. (ONLINE sales are shipped directly to the customer—sign up to sell online at, click on “Scouts” button on lower left hand side of site and follow instructions…let me know if you need help)
Scouts have more freedom to choose their own prizes from the local Wal-Mart or from
Scouts who sell $450 or more will receive $7-$10 more in gift cards than last year.
Bonus prize level for $600 in sales; a full-size marshmallow shooter. 
Sell one item: receive a patch or pin
11% of all sales, over $150 goes into a Scout account to use for camp cost reduction or other individual expenses
$250 in sales: $10 gift card or choose a prize level award
$350 in sales: $15 gift card or choose a prize level award
$450 in sales: $20 gift card
$600 BONUS: marshmallow shooter
$650 in sales: $30 gift card
$850 in sales: $40 gift card
$1000 BONUS: $50 gift card AND two tickets to top sellers day (this was a rooftop party at a Nationals game)
$1100 in sales: $55 gift card
$1300 in sales: $75 gift card
$1800 in sales: $110 gift card
$2300 in sales: $150 gift card
$2500 BONUS: Free week of camp at an NCAC camp and 6% of sales goes into a 529 account for college
FILLED SHEET BONUS: For each filled sales sheet (30 items), a Scout earns two tickets to a Nationals game in the Spring and his name is entered in the Council’s weekly drawing for a bonus $100 gift card.
Always wear your Class A uniform
Always sell with an adult or with a group
Never enter anyone’s home
Do not sell after dark
Always stay on sidewalks and driveways
Never carry large amounts of cash
Try to collect when you sell, so you have less to worry about later
Write a THANK YOU note!
1.      Hi sir, my name is first name ONLY
2.      I’m a Cub Scout with Pack 476
3.      I’m selling Trail’s End popcorn to help raise money for our Pack and also so I can earn my way to Camp.
4.      You can support us by buying some of our deeeeeeelicious gourmet popcorn. (Hand the customer your take order form and pen.)
5.      You’ll help me, won’t you? (Nodding your head affirmatively.)
6.     Even if you receive a rude answer, thank the person for his or her time and ask him/her to have a great day!
If someone just wants to make a donation—will you accept it? You bet you will! BUT PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR A DONATION.
Checks should be written to Pack 476.
Extra incentives!
Pizza party for the top selling den per capita.
Pizza party for the entire Pack and cream pie in the face of the popcorn kernel, for the crazy Pack goal of $15000 in sales. (Each Scout MUST sell at least one item.)
WalMart gift cards for the top three salesmen in the Pack.
For all individual sales over the $150, we will maintain a Scout account with the proceeds, to defer the cost of camping or other individual expense—Arrow of Light Scouts will be able to transfer their Scout account funds to the Troop of their choice, when they bridge.
His camping expenses went down by $184.
A $100 Wal-Mart gift card (which is $110 this year!) for selling $1800
A $50 gift card (for hitting $1500 in sales!)
A $25 gift card (for being the Pack top salesman)
6 tickets to a Nationals game
2 tickets to a top sellers day
Entered 3 times for a $100 gift card drawing
The net financial value for the Scout was approximately $450.
He also learned how to set, achieve and exceed his goals.
TODAY: Start selling! Go door to door!
11/13-11/14: FSK Mall sales
11/17: Final popcorn order due, along with prize orders
11/20:  Fill it up drawing ends, Photo contest ends
12/4: Final popcorn pick-up
12/20: Final payment due
NOTE: If your Scout fills a sheet, I need to receive that sheet, as soon as he’s filled it, to enter it into a drawing for a $100 bonus gift card. ALSO, any Scout who completes a sheet will be given first crack at any inventory I have that is intended for mall or store sales. That means you can deliver your product to your customers sooner!  So, if your Scout fills a sheet, he can deliver to his customers right away.  If he does not fill a sheet, he will be able to pick up his popcorn from me on December 4.
If I can be of any assistance to you, please let me know. I have sales order sheets, for those folks who have not gotten theirs yet. You can reach me at 301-471-2050 or just respond to this email and we'll coordinate arrangements for you to receive the order sheets.
Larry Call
Pack 476 Pop Corn Kernel