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Popcorn Sales

This fall, our pack will have several ways to participate in popcorn sales including online sales and show and sells. Popcorn sales help to fund pack activities with our pack getting 35% of the sales and the Council receiving 35%. 

Show and Sells

A show and sell is a storefront sale where two scouts ask people entering to support Scouting and sell product on hand.  The sign up link as well as location and time are provided through Scoutbook (calendar and email).

Individual Sales (Door to Door)

Order forms are provided at late summer/early fall meetings for individual orders. Tip: When door-to-door orders are placed tell the customers if they are not home when the order is delivered you will leave it in a bag by their door. Delivery will be around Thanksgiving.

Online Sales

Your scout can also set up an online account for sales and our pack gets 50% of online sales. Scouts under the age of 13 will need to have a parent sign up.
Register for online sales now

Frequently Asked Questions

Review the FAQs shared last year—

Q: Why do we fundraise?
A: Your dues do not pay all your Scout's expenses. Not even close. Dues cover BSA registration, his handbook and Pinewood Derby car. Awards, campouts, the Blue and Gold and everything else comes from fundraising.

Q: How much money does the Pack get?
A: We get 35%, NCAC gets 35% (used to pay for the prizes, salaries, maintain Camp Snyder & Goshen Scout Reservation and subsidize Day Camp) and the manufacturer, Trails End, gets 30%. By comparison, Girl Scouts get 25-30% on their cookies.

Q: Why does the popcorn cost so much?
A: Actually, on an ounce per ounce basis, our popcorn costs about the same as Girl Scout cookies.

Q: How do people pay?
A: Checks get made to "Pack 476." To be able to do credit card sales, download the "Square Register" app onto your smartphone or tablet. You do not need to set up an account. We will provide login info and the reader at the show and sell.
Q: What is a "Scout account?" *updated*
A: Officially, it is an "allocation." Scout account funds belong to the Pack, and we allow Scouts to use it for specific expenses such as dues and Day Camp registration. You cannot use it for uniforms or gear. 
The committee has decided to do 20% of the Pack's profit from each Scout's sales.  For instance if a Scout sells $1000 the Pack earns $300. Then 20% of $300, or $60, goes into the Scout account.